Invitations make a Big, Lasting Impression!

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Your wedding invitation is the first opportunity you have to “wow” your guests.   We assure you that the recipient will make a snap judgment when they open your envelope and look at the invitation enclosed.   Long after your special day, guests may not recall exactly what your invitation looked like, but they will recollect if it was thoughtful, original, expensive…

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So many brides say, “Invitations are only a piece of paper my guests will throw away, so I want to spend as little as possible.” An invitation is much more important than you think; it’s a preview of your day to come, it sets the tone and it tells your guests how important they are to you. This simple piece of paper truly makes a lasting impression.

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What emotion do you want your guests to feel when they open that envelope? Do you want them to be impressed, excited?  Make your life easy and use the services of a professional stationer who knows how to help brides make a beautiful lasting impression. Take advantage of all the benefits Kathryn’s Bridal and schedule your appointment to view our spectacular collection of Invitations.

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Enjoy our personalized service with our etiquette experts who will make the process simple for you. Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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