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Stationery Essentials for your Wedding!


Planning your wedding can be so much fun! After you have selected your perfect venue, exquisite gown and beautiful flowers, the next item on your must have list is stationery. Paper Stationery may sound boring, so we’ll tell you why you need these three very important essentials:

1.   Paper Invitations are the gold standard for any wedding. The type of invitation you select will depend upon your budget. Most stationers have entry-level products that are actually more economical than do it yourself at home kits. The stationer’s etiquette expertise is always complimentary and they will ensure there are no embarrassing typos, mistakes or major errors. The professional guidance of a local stationery shop is worth every penny!


2.   Escort Cards and Place Cards are needed if you are having a meal served by wait-staff at your reception. Escort Cards actually lead your guest to their assigned table while place cards indicate their specific seat at that table. Even if you are having a small intimate affair, a buffet service or open seating, escort cards are highly suggested to guarantee your guests feel special because a seat at a table was reserved in their honor.

3.   Thank you notes are the final essential item you need when ordering your invitations. It is unacceptable to email or text thank you notes to your wedding guests. A short hand written note is a sign of graciousness and is required in response to any gift. Thank you notes are small in size for a reason! A short paragraph mentioning your gratitude is sufficient and appreciated by the gift giver.

manhattan 17

Weddings are wonderful! Most brides have minimal experience creating this memorable day, which is why it so important to rely on the expertise of your local stationer to guide you and ensure you don’t make any embarrassing mistakes.

Award-winning service, attention to detail and the guidance of an etiquette expert is always available at:

Kathryn’s Bridal and Invitations
3807 West Elm Street
McHenry, IL 60050






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