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Elegant Calligraphy


When your guests receive your wedding invitation personally addressed in elegant lettering, they will be excited to open it.  This envelope contains something very important, the very first glimpse of your special day!

Calligraphy is often defined as “the art of pen to paper” or “beautiful handwriting.” For anyone planning a wedding or social occasion, this centuries old form of art is now an affordable option. Addressing your invitations doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult when you work with a professional stationer at Kathryn’s Bridal who has easy access to calligraphy services.


Computerized calligraphy is the most popular way of addressing envelopes. It offers many benefits including minimal lead time and inexpensive pricing. This version of calligraphy can be expedited quickly by the printer who will address your envelopes and deliver them with your invitations. Brides love the convenience and reasonable fee, while your guests are impressed with the beauty.

The most luxurious form of calligraphy is handwritten. An artist’s exquisite fine lettering will require extra time and will be more costly. Brides looking for this high-end, custom look are willing to plan ahead to ensure each envelope makes a statement.

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful handwriting, then do take the time to personally address your envelopes.  If you were not gifted with legible printing, then speak with your stationer to determine which option is best for you and your budget. Remember, good taste is always in style!

Invitations, calligraphy, etiquette expertise & outstanding personal service is always available at:

Kathryn’s Bridal

3807 West Elm Street,  McHenry, IL 60050


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photos courtesy of Crane



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