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Save Money on Invitations!

Your professional local stationery shop can actually save you money! Stationers have access to numerous vendors for every budget, and they know what products are a good value. A local storefront’s buying power is something you can benefit from, and their expertise in etiquette and trends can help you avoid embarrassing and often costly mistakes.

Remember that when you work with an online website, there is no human eye to proofread your text or identify missing information. Omissions and typos are common and ultimately result in amateur and awkward looking invitations that need to be reprinted at your expense. Local stationers spend a great deal of time ensuring 100% accuracy; they will guarantee your satisfaction and resolve any issue in a timely manner. In addition, they will often adjust your quantity anytime prior to printing at no additional fee to prevent you from over ordering, thus avoiding paying for items you do not need.

pearls & lace

If you give your stationer a budget, she can show you which particular invitations you can afford. There are so many beautiful options to choose from, and many only look expensive!  You can always dress up a very basic invitation with ribbon, jewels, or layers, rather than taking the risk of doing it entirely yourself. Also, check with your bridal salon to see if they offer any invitation incentives when you purchase your dress. It is always to your benefit to keep your purchases local and under one roof.



At Kathryn’s Bridal & Invitations, we can offer significant value to brides who purchase their dress from us. We have a wonderful Invitation & Design Studio with the largest selection to satisfy every price point. In addition, we promise superior customer service and etiquette expertise. Every bride is promised complete satisfaction! Our goal is to ensure each bride is confident that she is in the care of true local professionals who will help make her dream day a reality and within budget.  Your time is money and we want to make sure you spend it wisely.

Kathryn’s Bridal & Invitations

3807 West Elm Street McHenry, IL 60050

815.385.7330 www.kathryns-bridal.com

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photos courtesy of Carlson Craft



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