Paper Invitations are so Romantic

From Carlson Craft
From Carlson Craft

Sending out old-fashioned, paper wedding invitations you are proud of is modern and romantic!

I often hear brides say “it’s only a piece of paper my guests will throw away.” But actually an invitation is much more than that; it’s a preview of your day to come and it tells your guests how important they are to you. A simple piece of paper truly makes a lasting impression.

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Although people often discard a wedding invitation after the event, they do make a snap judgment when they open the envelope and look at what is enclosed. Paper invitations are often taped to a refrigerator for a few weeks! Clearly your invitation will not be forgotten. Guests may not remember exactly what your invitation looked like years later, but they will recall if it was thoughtful, original, expensive…

What emotion do you want your guests to feel when they open that envelope?
Make your life easy and use the services of a professional stationer who knows how to help brides make a beautiful lasting impression.

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