Computer Labels Prohibited!

“Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding — and that starts with the envelope. Now, we’re not saying you need to hire a calligrapher, but it adds such a personal touch to hand write the addresses. Perhaps ask a friend or relative with nice handwriting to help out.”-  Bridalguide.com

square tan w border
from Carlson Craft

Your wedding invitations are much too important to slap a label on the envelope! You have only one opportunity make a special first impression, so consider taking the time to personally address your invitations. Your guests will know something extra-ordinary is inside of an envelope that has a personal touch.

from Luscious Verde
from Luscious Verde

If you were not gifted with legible penmanship, then speak with your local stationer to learn about computerized and custom hand written calligraphy options to fit your budget.  Remember, good taste is always in style!

Invitations, calligraphy & personal service is available  exclusively for you at:

Kathryn’s Bridal

3807 West Elm Street (Rt. 120), McHenry, Illinois 60050

By appointment only, 815.385.7330


View our spectacular collection at:

www.kathryns-bridal.com & “Like” us on Facebook!


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