Wedding Shopping

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from Sophia Tolli
from Sophia Tolli

Shopping for a wedding gown is a once-in-a lifetime experience that most brides have been dreaming about since childhood. Premier bridal boutiques specializing in exquisite designer gowns, take pride in offering exceptional personalized service for every single woman who enters their doors. A day as extraordinary as finding your wedding gown is obviously not a typical shopping excursion!

Brides are often surprised that appointments are necessary when gown shopping. We frequently hear, “I only want to preview the bridal shop inventory, so why can’t I just stop in and take a look around?”

from Sophia Tolli
from Sophia Tolli

Bridal gown shopping is not off-the-rack, mall type browsing; every gown is a work of art that must be delicately handled. A professional consultant is always needed to assist with carrying and trying on expensive designer dresses which are kept in pristine condition. Preserving the original detailing, beauty and integrity of exclusive gowns requires meticulous precision; therefore customer handling is kept at a minimum. Instead, appointments are required to ensure a trained consultant is present, a fitting room is available, and there is adequate space to seat the bride’s entourage comfortably. It is very common for bridal appointments to be made weeks or months in advance. Bridal Boutiques staff in response to scheduled appointments and although the shop may look empty, there is usually an excited bride in the fitting room or on her way over for her appointment.

from Sophia Tolli
from Sophia Tolli

No small business wants to turn brides away! However, it is very unfair for the shop to inconvenience a bride who planned in advance and made an appointment in order to accommodate someone who happened to drop-in. Bridal shops are faced with this dilemma every time someone walks in to look around; but in fairness, preference must be given to previously scheduled appointments. Staffing levels and fitting room availability dictates how many brides a shop can service. When they tell you they are busy, but the boutique looks quiet, please do not feel slighted. The staff simply wants to provide you with superior service and individualized attention to make your once-in-a lifetime experience memorable. Ultimately, the staff wants you to enjoy your time and hopefully find your dream dress!

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