Wedding gowns

How to Look Naturally Beautiful…

How can you look naturally beautiful in your wedding photos?

It all begins with selecting the most flattering  gown for your figure! Every bride has an area of their body that makes them feel insecure, so choose a gown that makes you feel and look fabulous. Work with a professional consultant that can direct you to dresses that maximize your best assets while minimizing your least.

Next, speak to your consultant and seamstress about finding proper undergarments that enhance your figure, smooth your curves and make any unwanted bulges disappear.  Begin thinking about improving your posture and standing up straight to give the appearance of height; consider wearing heals if you can find truly comfortable shoes. Break the shoes in for many weeks before your big day!

abney-portraits-146 bride solo
Photo by Ryan Klos

Kristina is exquisite in Mori Lee.
Photo by Peer Canvas
Lastly, practice poses that photograph well and make you look trim, tall and at ease.  We recommend relaxing your shoulders and slightly turning one hip on an angle away from the camera to look your best. Remember that your arm always appear leaner when the hand is on your hip! Show off your curves and best assets in your wedding pictures with an extra white smile too!

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