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Internet Knock-Off Disasters

green dress
From Brides Beware: The intended purchase is on the left, the item received is the green mess on the right.

As an authorized retailer of leading Wedding Gown Designers, we take pride in offering the exquisite styling of original dresses to our brides. When we special order a gown for your wedding, we know it will arrive in pristine condition and with every detail you expect. The internet shopping industry has led to the growth of unreputable online sites promising to deliver an exact replica of designer gowns. The online sites deceive customers by stealing photos directly from designer’s websites and passing them off as their own. To make matters worse, dresses arrive looking like a cheap imitation of your vision with inferior fabrics, colors, seams, and patterns. Here is visual proof of a knock-off disaster on the right:

from Brides Beware
From Brides Beware: The bride thought she ordered the design on the left, the item received is the blue tinted dress on the right.

Do not allow yourself to be a victim of online dress shopping disasters! Shopping  locally is always best…

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For more information on knock-off disasters:

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