Online Dress Shopping Horrors

Online Gown Shopping Horrors ! ~ part 2

From “Brides Beware: the dress ordered is on the left and the item delivered is pictured on the right.

Are you tempted to purchase a wedding gown online?

Hundreds of articles have been written by brides who regretted buying their dress on the internet. So, we are here to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

If an online Bridal Ship is willing to promise you an exact duplicate of your dream dress at a huge savings, be prepared to pay. The online vendors who lure you with the promise of a knock–off designer gown at half the price are actually fooling you! The items they sell do not follow the same sizing standards as the original designer, so the fit is inaccurate. Since these gowns are often produced in low wage factories, the arms holes, lengths, beading, and hems are often uneven, which creates an expensive alteration nightmare. The few dollars you may have saved by ordering online will be spent later at the seamstress to fix the multitude of problems. In addition, many ” knock-offs” arrive in a different color, an imperfect pattern, or an inferior fabric.  Here is another classic example:

from Brides Beware 2

Please spend your money wisely! Your bridal gown must be perfect when you walk down the aisle.  Work with established local bridal professionals who have earned the trust of their community, and who value the relationships they build with you. Your wedding is not the time to make a costly mistake.

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