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$ave on your Invitations!

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Weddings are wonderful, yet expensive! But, if you work with local wedding professionals they can direct you to the best values, which will ultimately save you money.

by Carlson Craft, available at Kathryn's Bridal
by Carlson Craft, available at Kathryn’s Bridal

Wedding planners suggest the easiest way to reduce costs is to avoid the peak seasons and Saturday evenings. Today’s brides are serious about minimizing expenses without sacrificing beauty. The latest social media trend seems to suggest doing some of it yourself (DIY) may help save money.


Brides who are artists and enjoy the challenge of making something beautiful, may be able to make their own invitations. However, experienced crafters know projects require a commitment of time, energy & money. Beginners frequently make costly mistakes and end up wasting their time.

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It’s tempting to pick up an inexpensive invitation do-it-yourself kit at the local hobby shop. How hard can it be to just print them at home? It sounds easy, but what you aren’t aware of is that you need a professional grade printer capable of producing an invite that does not smear and smudge all over your hands.

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We all buy birthday cards at the grocery store for $3.00 a piece, without blinking an eye. So why do you hesitate spending that amount on a custom printed wedding invitation for the most important day of your life? The invitation is the actual preview of your special day; it sets the mood of what is to come. Your guests can often determine their attire and your gift from the quality of your invitation.

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A professional stationer can actually save you money because she has access to numerous vendors for every budget, she knows what products are a good value, and is able to direct you accordingly. Her expertise in etiquette and trends can help you avoid embarrassing and often costly errors. If you give her a budget, she can show you which particular invitations will work for you. There are so many beautiful options to choose from, and many only look expensive!  Your local bridal salon may offer premier invitation service specifically designed for their brides, so remember to ask for their help. It is always to your benefit to keep your purchases local and under one roof!


At Kathryn’s Bridal & Invitations, we offer significant value to brides who purchase their dress from us. We have a wonderful Invitation & Design Studio with the largest selection to satisfy every price point. In addition, we promise superior customer service and etiquette expertise. Our goal is to ensure each bride is confident that she is in the care of true local professionals who will help make her dream day a reality and within budget.  Your time is money and we want to make sure you spend it wisely.

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photos courtesy of Crane, Checkerboard, Carlson Craft


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