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Impressive Invitations

from Luscious Verde
from Luscious Verde

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “It’s not just the design of invitations that sets the tone for your wedding; how they are printed is just as impactful—and one of the first major decisions you make when selecting your suite.”

LuscVerde square-for-web-13

For brides who want a one-of-a-kind, luxurious wedding invitation that truly whispers classic elegance, consider the timelessness of engraved and letterpress printing. Engraving is a premier method of print requiring the use of copper plates to create a raised and textured ink. Letterpress has also been around for centuries and actually uses metal blocks to press text indentations into substantial paper.  Both methods of print are pricey, but certainly make a lasting impression on your guests.

from Vera Wang
from Vera Wang

Kathryn’s Bridal offers the largest selection of prestige invitations from leading designers including Crane, Vera Wang, William Arthur and Luscious Verde. If swoon worthy invitations are what you desire, then make an appointment to see our gorgeous collection!

Vera letterpress

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