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Thank You Notes ?

2014-Crane Vera Wang lilac 2014-Crane Vera Wang T-you Cranes T-yous2014-Crane Vera Wang T-you green

Are thank you notes really necessary? I will be very honest and shout YES! YES! YES!

For decades, etiquette experts have been reminding brides that you must write thank you notes. Many of your guests have traveled far and took time out of their busy schedule to select a gift just for you and attend your event; thus, it is necessary to thank them in writing. Don’t try to convince yourself that Thank You Notes are old-fashioned and a simple text or email will do. You are only fooling yourself!

Handwritten Thank You Notes convey to your gift-giver that you have good manners, are gracious and appreciative.  Thank you notes can also communicate your style and personality…

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