Beautifully Addressed Invitations

Courtesy of William Arthur
Courtesy of William Arthur

When your guests receive their invitation personally addressed in elegant lettering, they will feel special. This lovely first glimpse of your wedding day will truly set the tone.  First impressions really do make lasting impressions!

Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations
Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations

Calligraphy is often defined as “the art of pen to paper” or “beautiful handwriting” and this old world form of art is an affordable option for every bride. Addressing your invitations doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult because your professional stationer will be able to offer you the choice of custom hand-written or convenient computerized calligraphy.

Courtesy of Checkerboard
Courtesy of Checkerboard

Original hand-written calligraphy can be completely customized to compliment the font of your invitations, theme, flowers and more.  If you coordinate the services of a Calligrapher prior to finalizing your invitations, you are assured a one of a kind, personalized look. Since she is an artist, her exquisite fine lettering will require extra time and will be more costly, but it is an expense you won’t regret.

Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations
Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations

Computerized calligraphy offers many benefits including minimal lead time and less expensive pricing. This economical version of calligraphy can be expedited quickly because you simply provide your guest list in an excel file to the printer and your envelopes are addressed along with your invitations. Brides love the quick turn around time and reasonable fee, while your guests are impressed with the beauty.

Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations
Courtesy of Luscious Verde Custom Invitations

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful handwriting, then please do take the time to personally address your envelopes.  If you were not gifted with legible penmanship, then speak with your stationer to determine which option is best for you and your budget. Remember, good taste is always in style!

Invitations, calligraphy & personal service is available for you at Kathryn’s Bridal!

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