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Phones at Weddings?

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This weekend, as I enjoyed a cup of coffee while scanning the Sunday papers, I was thrilled to see an article regarding the impact of social media on brides. I have always wanted to ban smart phones from weddings! We all have experienced the embarrassment of unflattering pictures posted on the web. So, why would any bride want her guests to take random photos when she has hired a professional to ensure she is looking radiant?

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A bride wants her guests to enjoy the day, and focus on the moment. So much time and energy was put into planning the details! She wants her photographer to capture the genuine affection on the faces of her guests rather than their heads buried in a phone. For one day in her life, the bride should have control of what is posted.

As tempting as it is for your guests to post pictures of your event online immediately, they need to understand you’ve hired a professional  to create your memories. A bride deserves this respect. Ask your wedding party to kindly spread the word…

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