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The Case for Thank You Notes

Cranes T-yous 5Cranes T-yous 2

Getting married is exciting and overwhelming! There is so much to do! As a soon-to-be bride, you will be showered with gifts and in response you must write thank you notes. If someone took time out of their busy schedule to select a gift for you, it is necessary to thank them personally. No excuses!

You certainly want to be perceived as a gracious married
woman, appreciative of all the gifts you received.

Cranes T-yous 4Cranes T-yous

Thank you notes are meant to be brief and simple; just a heartfelt, handwritten message will do. Yes, handwritten is mandatory!

In a few short sentences, convey to your gift givers that you are touched by their generosity, and happy they were a part of your joy.

Cranes T-yous 3

I guarantee they will feel special and impressed by your kind words. Isn’t that why you invited them to your wedding in the first place?

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