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Emily Post Invitations !

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In 1946, the Emily Post Institute began helping us negotiate the unspoken rules and social conundrums of everyday life with graciousness and style. Emily Post’s unique contribution to American life is now carried on by third generation family members with advice on social occasions, home entertaining, and personal relationships.

Kathryn’s Bridal & Invitations in McHenry is very proud to carry the Emily Post Wedding Style Collection, by M. Middleton which is full of modern, bold designs, daring color choices, exotic typefaces, laser cut-outs, fold-overs, and ribbons. Does this sound like Emily Post? Yes! Emily Post was passionate about graciousness, generosity of spirit, and also being true to one’s own sense of style. She was called “a rule maker and a rule breaker.” Her philosophy, first shared in 1922, is still M. Middleton’s philosophy as they continue her work today.

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Traditions are wonderful when they hold meaning and value for you. Yet, traditions are not intended to force you to do or choose something that makes no sense for your situation or goes against your vision of your wedding. Thankfully, the “rules” for selecting invitations have loosened. Now, it is appropriate for invitations to have creative wording and unique styling. The possibilities are endless!

There are still practical matters to consider, regardless of how bold you want to go with your invitation. If you’re feeling excited but overwhelmed by the choices and decisions that need to be made, take heart. With nearly a century of experience and six books on wedding etiquette, M.Middleton and the Emily Post Institute have the answers to all your questions—even those you’ve yet to consider!

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We invite you to peruse the Emily Post Wedding Style Collection at Kathryn’s Bridal! Make a selection that weds your personal style with an invitation that Emily herself would approve. We’re here to give you the peace of mind that a bold, modern choice is also an appropriate choice. Good taste is always in style (as you can see in these photos of some of our favorites)!  

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