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Luxury Wedding on a Budget!

LuscVerdegolddiecutmonogramfolder (from Luscious Verde)

We are always trying to help brides achieve their dream of a beautiful wedding while respecting their budget. In accomplishing this goal, we have found some major areas to get the most impact out of your spending:

1. First impressions are lasting impressions! Your invitations really do set the tone and are your guests initial look at your special day. So, select impressive invitations from a professional stationer who can direct you to her favorite, cost-effective collection that only looks expensive. Unfortunately, do it yourself invitations printed off a computer always look like they were home-made for pennies.

Dauphine 10 Hamilton_Suite (from Dauphine Press)

2. Scale back your guest list! Invite only the people who matter most, and focus on creating an exquisite, intimate event. People actually understand you cannot invite everyone.

Checkerboard violetteCheckerboard silken (from Checkerboard)

3. Everyone looks fabulous in candlelight! So, instead of pricey floral table centerpieces, consider using romantic candles in a variety of shapes and styles with a mirror underneath.

4. Serve a signature cocktail decorated with a slice of fruit! Skip the expense of an open bar and offer beer and wine as well.

Checkerboard victoria(from Checkerboard)

5.  Hire a soloist for music during cocktails and dinner! The ambiance of live music is simply elegant.  After dessert, dancing to a DJ or playlist is festive and cost-effective!

6. Eliminate the favors! No one will ever miss a small, disposable token of your wedding; instead they will remember the tone and tastes.

LuscVerderoses (from Luscious Verde)

7.  Ask the caterer if service staff can wear white gloves! This simple detail adds a spark of elegance with a minimum price tag.

There are obviously many more ways to cut costs while appearing to splurge! Get creative and never hesitate to ask recently married friends for advice.

All of the beautiful invitations pictured are available at:

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