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Diary of a Kathryn’s Bride ~ Part 6

Val V w hats

Our diary series continues…

Showers and more showers! These intimate events are always a meaningful way for the special people in your life to bestow their warmth upon you, the bride to be! Valerie was no exception! She had the joy of being surprised with 4 showers! She is obviously a very loved lady!

“I have to thank all the ladies in my life that have made my showers just so memorable! My four separate bridal showers have all been so blessed and full of support, love, games and great food; all different and fun. I loved each of them and I’m so very grateful to get to have had the private personal time with my family, friends and associates,” shares Valerie.

hats group

“My very first shower was a ‘Family Country Hat Picnic’, that my maid of honor (and twin sister) Victoria and beautiful bridesmaids hosted,” adds Valerie. “I send out a special thanks to my family who all donated their time and love.”

Shower cup cake

“I was truly surprised when the lovely ladies of Kathryn’s threw me the divine evening shower full of my favorite wine, cheeses, and tapas. I was completely unaware of what they had in store for me!” exclaims Valerie. “It was so much fun and just so unexpected. It was a perfect end to the perfect day after working my nightly shift. I am just so lucky to have made such wonderful friends. Love you Kathryn’s!” says Valerie with a huge smile.

 Shop shower w cocktails

“My church family also gave me a very intimate and special shower with lots of yummy food and blessings! Not only did they plan a very nice afternoon brunch but had fun interactive games that had everyone laughing. They have been such a blessing in my life.”

Shower table church friends gifts

Kathryn’s Bridal is located at:

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