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Diary of a Kathryn’s Bride ~ part 2 of a series

Val V and Jason at wall
We met our exquisite bride to be, Valerie last week, who had such an enchanted afternoon finding her wedding gown at Kathryn’s Bridal, that she was breathless for days.

“I was so amazed and inspired by my bridal gown search, that I wanted to share with other women the quality care and customer service demonstrated at Kathryn’s Bridal!” remarks Valerie, “There is a sense of excitement that seems to buzz around the store, and I wanted to actually be a part of it!”

An accomplished retail professional herself, Valerie was so moved by the unique charm of Kathryn’s Bridal that she decided to submit her resume to the boutique and was hired shortly thereafter. “I spent a great deal of time learning everything I could about bridal gown styles, designers and accessories to help share the special experience I received with others and make every bride feel beautiful and important.”

Although Valerie is busy planning the details of her very own wedding, she adds, “It has been a blessing to be on both sides of the bridal world to help and guide women with support that is truly genuine, enthusiastic and understanding.”

Find out more about Valerie next week on our blog!

Kathryn’s Bridal
3807 West Elm Street
McHenry, IL 60050

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