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Hollow to Hem ?

You just found The Dress!!! It’s everything you have dreamed of, and you can’t wait to walk down the aisle in this gown. The bridal salon is now recommending you consider adding the “Hollow to Hem” option to your order. What exactly does this mean? How much does it cost? Most importantly, is it worth paying for?

According to Kathryn Trocki, owner of Kathryn’s Bridal, in McHenry, “Each wedding gown has its very own individual shape. The hollow-to-hem (H2H) measurement is an added assurance that a dress with a patterned design down the front, a special beaded hem or with a unique shape will be proportional to your frame. H2H is how you can preserve the integrity of the design you initially fell in love with.”

Most samples you try on in the bridal shop are intended for a 5 foot 8 inch model, so the details of the pattern, such as the lace, beading, hemline, are proportional to a woman of this height. The type of dress you’re ordering will determine if the H2H is applicable. The actual measuring begins at the hollow of the throat to where you want the hem to fall (as illustrated in the photo below).
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For example, a dress that has a lace design from the neckline to the hem would be ruined if you simply cut off the bottom to fit a petite, 5 foot tall bride. Even if this same bride decided to wear 4 inch heals on her wedding day, she still needs to preserve the lace pattern and scalloped edging, because there is no seam from hollow to hem to alter. “Expect to pay an additional 15-20% for the custom hollow to hem measurement,” adds Kathryn, “however, the cost associated with a H2H is sometimes offset by the savings on alterations and the satisfaction with a made to order fit.”

“If you want a stunning gown, tailored especially for you, then always select the hollow to hem option if available,” says Kathryn.

Kathryn’s Bridal
3807 W. Elm Street (Rt. 120)
McHenry, IL 60050

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