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Trust your gut

You find the dress you love, within your budget, at the very first 
shop you go to. What should you do? Say yes to the dress? 
You expected this gown search to be long and exhausting, requiring 
you to visit a multitude of bridal salons, trying on dozens of dresses.  
But you did find the dress! It seemed much too easy and you now wonder 
how can the "experience" be over so quickly? 

You ask yourself if maybe there is a less expensive version of this 
dress at some other discount shop. An entire reality television world 
has been created to entertain brides into believing the search for the 
perfect dress is full of drama and bargains. 

But you love this dress, and the price is right! 

Do you and your friends have so much free time that you can keep looking 
for a gown that is considerably less expensive than this fabulous dress?
Do you honestly think it is realistic that you will find it at a lower 
price? But at what savings? All reputable, authorized dealers are 
contractually bound to specific pricing; to discount a dress, the shop 
runs the risk of having the relationship with the designer's line 
terminated. So, the fact is that you are probably not going to find the 
dress for a lower price unless it is a discontinued sample or a knock-off 

In conclusion, it is up to you to decide if you want to say yes to the 
dress, and move on to other decisions and details required to make your 
day truly special. Or, do you want to confuse yourself, by continuing 
your pursuit of perpetual shopping, and miss the opportunity to believe 
in yourself, trust your gut & begin the next phase of wedding planning… 

Maybe your marriage will be as easy as dress shopping!
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by Anna Novak
Kathryn's Bridal 
3807 West Elm Street, McHenry, IL 60050
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