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Are Thank You Notes Really Necessary?

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Graciousness is always admired and people like to be appreciated! 

My daughters have reluctantly spent their time writing thank you notes. 
Most often, their handwritten notes were the result of a threat I made
(no computer, no cell phone). Over the years, I've reminded them that 
if someone took the time to select a gift for you, it is necessary to 
thank them personally. 

Brides must also be mindful of sending thank you notes. 
You are creating a new legacy and you certainly want your first 
impression as a married woman to be well received and positive. 

Thank you notes do not need to be a major thesis, just a heartfelt, 
handwritten message. Yes, handwritten is mandatory!
Let your gift givers know you are touched by their thoughtfulness, 
and that you are so happy they were a part of your joy. 

I guarantee they will feel special and impressed by your appreciation.
Isn't that why you invited them to your wedding in the first place?

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