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Can I take pictures ? ~ Part 7 of “Online Dress Shopping Horrors”

The bridal industry has had a proliferation of counterfeiters who have created many problems for dress designers and small bridal boutiques. We have published several articles on our very own blog on these dress shopping horrors:

Can you spot the fake, cheap, imitation, with minimal detail? Blog 7 photo 1 fake bodiceBlog 7 photo 2 original bodice

(The first photo at the top is the knockoff purchased online.)

We encourage you to become a savvy consumer and peruse the internet for more reading. Do your homework! Listen to the many voices shouting: BUYER BEWARE!

Here is a photo of the back corset of both gowns. Can you spot the fake? Blog 7 photo 1 fakeBlog 7 photo 2 original

(Again, the first photo on the left with the “3” is the counterfeit gown’s corset.)

There are many salons that have fallen victim to the unfair practices of copy-cat counterfeit scams and deceptive websites that promise to sell you the exact same dress as in your photo. As a result, most reputable shops have a policy prohibiting photographs prior to purchasing, as a way to protect ourselves and you.

Shopping for your wedding gown is supposed to be a memorable event. You are planning for the most important day in your life, and we understand your desire to include as many members of your bridal party as possible in your search for “The Dress”. So, please rest assured that your consultant, friends and family who are present at your appointment will not let you buy a gown that is not perfect for you.

The good news is that as soon as you have placed your deposit on your dress, you are welcome to “smile for the camera!” Just be certain that you don’t share your photos with everyone, so that you are still able to make your grand entrance on your wedding day!

Best wishes,

Anna Novak of Kathryn’s Bridal

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McHenry, IL 60050


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P.S. here is a link to the original article where these photos were found:


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