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Social Media Faux Pas at Weddings Revealed!


Last week we introduced you to the daily presence of social media and weddings with sites such as Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. For brides, these resources can help create a digital wedding planning process, enabling her to share each detail with the important people in her life. The Millennial bride is very comfortable collaborating through texts the major decisions such as her gown, invitations, tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses virtually. The overwhelming majority of the choices she will make are based on the feedback she gets from her immediate circle (that are on speed dial). However, there is a downside to all this technology that needs to be addressed in order to prevent a wedding from becoming a major faux pas for the bride.


We now reveal the Golden Rules:

1. Do not post every detail on Facebook: Unless you have unlimited wealth and plan to invite every friend you have on Facebook, resist the temptation to post details of every milestone such as when you purchase your dress, mail invitations, and so on. It can become quite awkward for those acquaintances who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their invitation, yet you consider them only online friends.

2. Be a woman of mystery: You need to keep an element of surprise. Leave the specifics for the big day instead of divulging too much on your wedding website or through social media. A bride wants her guests to look forward to the event, rather than compare it to the photos posted online.

3. Prohibit phones during the ceremony & celebration: As tempting as it is for your guests to post photos of your wedding day online immediately, they need to understand you have hired a professional or delegated an individual to take photographs. A bride does not want to see less than flattering pictures online. For one day in her life, the bride should be in control of what is in print of her. She also wants her guests to be engaged in the moment, not busy tweeting. Ask your wedding party to spread the word…

ring holder

The most important rule for guests to remember is to not say or print anything that is not flattering. Mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing.” This quote is most important to the bride who certainly wants her wedding day to be picture perfect; so respect her wishes and leave the social media alone for at least one day!

Anna Novak, Manager
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The fabulous cake photo is from the wedding of one of our favorite couples, Catie & Tony! See more photos of their stunning wedding on our May 14, 2013 blog posting, “A Top Gun Style Wedding”!

For additional information on this topic visit:  The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette



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