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How to get the best “deal” on your wedding gown ~ Part 5

counterfeit 5 original gown

Can you spot the fake counterfeit gown in the photo above?

If a bridal salon offers you a discount on the designer gown you found at another boutique, you need to ask the most important question:
Is the bridal salon an authorized dealer of the designer?
If the answer is “no”, then they may not even sell you a dress made by the designer, but a “knock-off” without disclosing this fact to you. This is how a salon can guarantee a lower price, by swapping an inferior product for a cheap copy.

Counterfeit dresses (commonly sold on the internet) may not follow the same sizing standards as the original designer, so the fit is inconsistent. These imitation gowns are often produced in low wage factories, so the arms holes, lengths, beading, and hems do not follow the same quality requirements as the designer. Many “knock-offs” arrive in a different color, an imperfect pattern, or an inferior fabric. How do you think they are able to sell you your dress for less money?

Please remember to do your homework in order to spend your money wisely, since your bridal gown must be perfect when you say ” I do”. Work with established bridal professionals who have earned the trust of their vendors, and who value the relationships they build with you. Your wedding is not the time to make a costly mistake.

Here is the link to the original article where the above photos were found:

By Anna Novak, Kathryn’s Bridal & Dress Shop, McHenry, IL
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2 thoughts on “How to get the best “deal” on your wedding gown ~ Part 5

  1. Ugh. In my case, mine wasn’t even discounted – it was around the same price that we ended up paying for the original (after already purchasing the fake). Be diligent, brides!!

    1. Dear Rachel:
      We are so sorry to hear of your unfortunate situation. Fake imitations are becoming commonplace, so please alert your friends and family so they avoid similar counterfeit issues.
      We hope you are enjoying married life & we wish you all the best!
      Your friends at Kathryn’s Bridal

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