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How to get the best “deal” on your wedding gown ~ Part 4

Counterfeit 4
The series on how to get the very best price on your wedding gown continues, so you can avoid a disaster like the one in the photo above. This poor bride thought she was getting a “deal” on her gown!

When you’re considering purchasing a discounted designer gown, ask “how” they are able to slash prices.  Be suspicious if the bridal boutique is unable to allow you to try on a sample of the designer’s gowns; this is a major red flag that they may not be an authorized retailer. If you neglect to be informed, it is very likely you will be disappointed too.

If a salon is not an authorized dealer of the designer, they might not even sell you a dress made by the designer, but a “knock-off” without disclosing this fact to you. Most knock–offs arrive in a different color, an imperfect pattern, or an inferior fabric. If a bridal shop is willing to promise you an exact duplicate of your dream dress at a huge savings, trust that little voice inside your head saying… “You know better!”

Here is a link to the original article where the above photo was found:

Here are links to more information on this topic by:


Maggie Sottero also has warnings posted on their website:

Morilee has posted warnings on their website as well:

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