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How to get the best “deal” on your wedding gown ~ Part 3

Can you tell the difference between the original designer gown and the fake? Counterfeit 3- Sabelle Counterfeit

We continue our series on how to get the best price on your wedding dress. If a bridal boutique offers you a discount, ask very carefully “how” they are able to discount a gown for you. Authorized reputable salons will only offer a discount during authorized trunk shows or when a gown has been discontinued by the designer.

In some situations, a salon may not even sell you a dress made by the designer, but a ” knock-off” without disclosing this fact to you. This is how a salon can guarantee a lower price, by swapping an inferior product for a cheap copy. Most knock–offs do not follow the same sizing standards as the original designer, so the fit is inaccurate. Since these gowns are often produced in low wage factories, the arms holes, lengths, beading, and hems are often uneven, which creates an expensive alteration nightmare. The few dollars you may have saved upon ordering will be spent later to fix the multitude of problems. In addition, many ” knock-offs” arrive in a different color, an imperfect pattern, or an inferior fabric. If a bridal shop is willing to promise you an exact duplicate of your dream dress at a huge savings, be prepared to pay.

Please remember to do your homework in order to spend your money wisely, since your bridal gown must be perfect when you say ” I do”. Work with established bridal professionals who have earned the trust of their vendors, and who value the relationships they build with you. Your wedding is not the time to make a costly mistake.

By Anna Novak, Kathryn’s Bridal & Dress Shop, McHenry, IL
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Here is the link to the original article where the photo was found (Maggie Sottero’s “Sabelle” on right, with a discolored counterfeit gown on the left):


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