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How to get the “best deal” on your Wedding Gown ~ Part 2

We continue our series on “How can you find the perfect wedding dress at the lowest possible price?”. With so many options, you wonder why do some shops and online retailers offer savings and others do not? We want you to be an educated bride, so the answer is actually very simple and can be summarized in the phrase, “you get what you pay for”…

Bridal boutiques have contracts with their designers to honor consistent pricing. Ignoring these agreements is an ethical violation that is frowned upon within the industry and erodes the shop’s ability to rectify discrepancies. A manufacturer is unlikely to resolve issues that arise with a salon that values a quick profit over a long term partnership with the line. To a bride, this means if there is any imperfection or error with the dress (which often occurs), you are unlikely to receive any cooperation to remedy the situation, because the gown was purchased “as is”. Ultimately, you end up getting what you paid for, a “discount version of an original design” a.k.a. a “reject”. If a bridal shop is so desperate for your business that they will risk losing a contract with a dress designer by slashing prices, can you trust them to treat you fairly?

If a bridal shop or online retailer is willing to promise you an exact duplicate of your dream dress at a huge savings, ask how they can offer you a discount.

Here are more photos proving “you get what you pay for”. The first photo is what the bride thought she was ordering, and the second picture shows what was delivered to her.
Counterfeit 1- Rhianna_Royale.164144439_sq_thumb_m Counterfeit 2- Rhianna_Royale_knockoff_1.164141643_sq_thumb_m

By Anna Novak, Kathryn’s Bridal & Dress Shop, McHenry, IL
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Here is a link to the original article written by Diane’s Formal Affair where the above photos were found.

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