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Gorgeous & Green Eco-Friendly Invitations

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Dauphine Press is not only beautiful, but green & available at Kathryn’s Invitation & Design Studio!

This distinctive stationery combines bold images with beautiful type, gorgeous embellishments and rich papers with personalized design. Everything is produced on premises in Dauphine’s print studio, from printing on fifty-year-old Heidelberg Windmill letterpresses to hand-lining envelopes and tying ribbons. As a result, they create first impressions by way of a truly personalized statement for clients located throughout the US and abroad, and now at Kathryn’s!

Dauphine 6 Monterey_suite


The tactile appeal of letterpress is greater than ever – especially on their luscious eco-papers. Dauphine’s presses are vintage – they are all a bit older than we are, rescued from various print shops in Northern California. These presses were built to last, and are enjoying their second career. Letterpress printing is inherently eco-friendly, using no water and few consumable supplies.

Your letterpress invitation from Dauphine Press will be as gorgeous as it is green. Their house paper is SAVOY which is favored for several reasons:

  • it is beautiful yet strong
  • it prints and foil stamps beautifully
  • it is 100% tree free, sustainable and archival
  • it is acid free, recyclable, biodegradable & elemental chlorine free
  • it comes in two shades, two weights and has matching 100% cotton envelopes

No new cotton has been grown to make SAVOY paper. The fluffy part of the cotton plant is used to make fabric; the seed in the center is used to make cottonseed oil; and the linters, the “lovely leftovers” between these processes, are used to make paper. The cotton is 100% recovered, a by-product of the textile industry. The paper is 100% tree-free, and the result is 100% wonderful. Cotton requires fewer natural resources to grow, and consumes much less energy and resources to make into paper than fibers processed from trees or bamboo. Cotton linters are leftovers that would otherwise be discarded as landfill – instead of going to waste, they are made into the beautiful, tactile paper that is the canvas for all of our stunning designs. Cotton paper is also recyclable as any other type of paper.

Dauphine 8 cloverdale_suite

Now through June 30th when you place your Dauphine Press wedding invitation order at Kathryn’s Bridal order you can choose from four different offers.

1. One free matching note card for every invitation ordered. Thank your guests with style. Complimentary 1-color note cards with any wedding invitation order. Matching blank envelopes included.
2. 30 free invitations with your order of 100 invitations. A perfect insurance policy for a growing guest list. Order 100 or more letterpress wedding elements and receive 30 free! Receive 100, pay for 70.
3. Free personalized tags to add elegance and style to the packaging of your guest wedding favor. Tags will coordinate with your wedding invitation design, using the same paper and ink.
4. 15% off any invitation order. Now your dream wedding invitation can fit into your budget. Discount applies to printed pieces only. Embellishments not included.

This special gift to our valued brides is for wedding invitation orders placed now through June 30, 2013.

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