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Online Dress Shopping Horrors!

Are you seriously thinking of buying a dress online?

Don’t do it! BUYER BEWARE!!  The photos below prove what a mistake buying online is! Shop only at your local AUTHORIZED dealer and get what you pay for.

prom disaster 2

You’ve all heard of the horror stories that come with purchasing gowns from counterfeit websites, but here is a firsthand look. The beautiful prom gown on the left is an authentic style 91001, and the one on the right is the fake an unsatisfied customer received off of a Chinese website.

In upcoming weeks, we will be sharing additional facts with you about online shopping. You will be glad you listened to our warnings!

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One thought on “Online Dress Shopping Horrors!

  1. Thank you so much for this!!!! I was soooo close to buying a mori lee gown that had been discontinued and saw other online stores selling it and was hesitant.

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