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A Conversation with a “Curvy” Bride


Are you a plus size bride? Here is a recent message on our facebook page we thought you “Curvy” Brides would find interesting:

Curvy Bride: Hi there. I am in the search for wedding dresses. I am a plus size woman and I am very interested in the Bonny Unforgettable plus size line. Do you carry these in your store to try & purchase? I have a handful of styles I would love to try. Many stores on the Bonny site listed to carry Bonny no longer do when I contact them. Do you carry them? Thank you in advance for your help! I am quite frustrated as you could imagine. I really want to see these!

Reply from Kathryn’s Bridal and Dress Shop Hello Curvy Bride: We do carry Bonny Unforgettable and recently received many Spring 2013 dresses. We love this line! We actually have a great plus size selection, about 50+ gowns to try on ranging from size 16-26W. Would you like to make an appointment? We would love to help make finding your dress a positive experience and ease your frustration. You can message us your list of dresses you’re interested in here or when you book your appointment come in with the list. Thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to meeting you!

Curvy Bride: Can I tell you I have a huge smile on my face right now!! Do you have samples to try on in your store? I know you are the professionals.

Reply from Kathryn’s Bridal and Dress Shop  So happy to make you smile! I think it would be great to have you come in and try on what we have here in the store that will be the best way to know what you really want. We have an extensive collection of “Curvy” sizes.

Curvy Bride: I prefer a sleeve of some kind as I do not like my arms fully exposed. I am extremely excited!

Reply from Kathryn’s Bridal and Dress Shop  We do have other sleeve options, here at the shop. Also, there is always the option to have something added by the seamstress through alterations. So glad you are so excited! Once you know your schedule we can book your appointment.

Kathryn’s Bridal

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