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Enzoani in the Spotlight! (part 1 of a series)

Kathryn’s Bridal was recently recognized by Enzoani in their magazine. We were featured with an extensive article interview with our owner, Kathryn Trocki. It is a terrific piece sharing our tremendous success with the line and the strong relationship we share with the designer. We hope you enjoy Part One of a Four Part Series!
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Enzoani: What was the motivation/inspiration to open a bridal store? How did it all start?

Kathryn Trocki: Opening a bridal store was always a dream of mine. During college I worked for a very small women’s clothing store that had a handful of bridal gowns. The owner, Rita gave me every opportunity to learn the business. I went to on buying trips, merchandised the floor, created the window displays, coordinated fashion shows and modeled. It was an incredible learning experience, and because of that, the dream was born. After college I worked in management for Marshall Field’s for thirteen years and during that time I got married and had three boys. It was July of 2003 when my life changed. I was diagnosed with a level four malignant melanoma and for the next year I underwent Interferon chemotherapy. Throughout that year, as one could imagine, I had much time to think about my life, my family and how I was not going to let this illness beat me. It was early in September 2004, one month and I was finished with my therapy and I could start the rest of my life. It was then that my dream came to life. I wrote a business plan, the building/location was perfect, and I had experienced assistance at that October bridal market in Chicago. My doors opened January 29, 2005 and it has been quite an experience.

Part 2 will be “live” on our blog next Tuesday, March 19th.
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