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Should you share?


As a wedding industry professional (and a middle-aged, happily married mom), I want to share with you some realizations and reality checks to keep you on the path smooth wedding planning and marital bliss. Not a single point I make is academic, nor is it based on market research; instead it is based on experience tears and intuition. Thursday blogs are intended to acquaint you with information I and our entire staff wish we would have known, prior to getting married. Well, to be honest, I heard all of this before, but really never listened. My hope is that you will laugh and learn to avoid the mountains we have climbed, in vain. Instead of repeating our mistakes, we hope you have the opportunity to spend your engagement dancing in the rain (and really enjoy the puddles)…

During the wedding planning process, you spend countless hours making decisions. You are often so enthusiastic that you want to share this latest find with your circle of family and friends. You want all of these important people to say in unison “yes, we love your choice!” followed by around of applause for your ability to select the most fabulous ______ ( you fill in the blank). However, I sincerely caution you to think before you speak and accept the reality that your circle may actually express an honest opinion about your fabulous _____.

Do you really want to hear their genuine verbal reaction? Or, do you really only want positive affirmation that confirms you have terrific taste in _____? If you are reluctant to hear anything other than praise, be a woman of mystery and remind your circle that you “want your wedding day details to be a surprise.” If you are convinced that line will not work, journal. You will never regret journaling, but you may regret sharing…

by Anna Novak
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