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Why we love navy blue !

The runways of Paris define the latest trends and colors in fashion, and the wedding world always follows…

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Magazine’s September/October 2012 issue (page 316) included an article “Marry in Blue, Always Be True” identifying ways to incorporate this color into your wedding in unexpected ways. Blue has always been considered a catalyst of good luck in a wedding, and its importance was seen on the runways of New York City’s 2012 Fashion Week. Neiman Marcus declared Navy Blue the “new neutral” for the fall 2012 season.  Even the magazine Marie Claire, said navy was reported to be on every fashionista’s shopping list.

What is so special about this color? Well it begins with the fact that navy blue has long been associated with wisdom (hence the power suit) and loyalty (military and police uniforms).  Ever hear of the expressions: true blue, blue blood, or blue ribbon? All of these sayings convey a sense of positive energy. Navy can be a formal color and add interest, but it’s not as ordinary as black can be. A navy blue blazer has always been a staple in any well dressed man’s wardrobe. It is versatile and can to go to a Sunday brunch or business meeting, and able to be paired with jeans or khakis.  Women are even catching on to the utilization of navy in their closets because it is not restricted to a particular season. We can wear black and even navy pieces year round, which is attractive to those wanting investment dressing or simply classic seasonless colors. Every bridesmaid looks lovely in navy and every man looks great in a navy suit! Wait until you see how popular it will be in the weddings of 2013!

Navy is now clean & modern, because its image changes depending on what color it is paired with. In order to prevent bright colors from appearing juvenile or comical, this dark shade is the perfect color to complement the nautical and preppy trends.  For example, when combined with green, navy feels preppy; turquoise and navy appears nautical; fuchsia and navy gives off a festive feel; gray and navy transmits understated elegance; while navy and white is simply classic. This deepest blue hue can also be intriguing with metallics like silver and gold, or it can have black-tie appeal when it is a dark sapphire shimmer. The options that can be combined with navy are endless and that is why it can be a beautiful way to add a new unique color scheme to your wedding through bridesmaid dresses, accessories, flowers and invitations. A touch of navy blue in your wedding ensures good luck, in addition to being modern, timeless & fashion conscious!

-Anna Novak, Manager at Kathryn’s Bridal

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