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Luscious Verde has arrived!

LuscVerdesilhouettesorangered LuscVerdepapayagraydiagonalstripe LuscVerderoses LuscVerdehearts2 LuscVerdegolddiecutmonogramfolderNew PictureWe are so excited to begin sharing with you some of the fabulous things happening here at Kathryn’s Invitation Studio. We have recently developed a partnership with Luscious Verde. Kathryn’s New Invitation & Design Studio is the only retailer in McHenry County offering Luscious Verde! Very few storefronts outside of Chicago even carry this unique line, and not a single shop in the entire state of Wisconsin currently offers Luscious Verde.

Why is Luscious Verde so fabulous? Well, it begins with the completely custom invitations they offer, including the ability to reproduce the lace on an antique dress, or even a shoe as inspiration for an entire Wedding Invitation Suite! Luscious Verde is an expert at utilizing the hottest trend “laser cut” & “Laser cut layering” to produce many of these beautiful designs too! The samples in their design albums are provided to inspire & are a starting point for creativity. At the same time, their samples are unique, stylish pieces that stand out all by themselves! So whether a Bride selects one of the showcased samples, fine tunes one of the designs to meet her own personal style/color, or builds a completely new design from scratch, our mutual goal is to not only satisfy her needs, but to exceed her expectations..

Having said all of that, it would be impossible to offer such a unique level of creative freedom without a commitment to providing the best possible customer service. Every Bride deserves the utmost care and attention. At Kathryn’s Invitation Studio we rely heavily on the partnerships that we forge with our vendors (like Luscious Verde). They bring an extraordinary amount of design expertise and professionalism to our Bride’s experience. In turn, we offer our unlimited creativity, support, and a level of service and assistance that is unique throughout our industry.

The end result is a work of art… Truly custom & truly luscious!

As a very special bonus…

through February 27, 2013, we are offering half-off RSVP sets when you place your Luscious Verde wedding invitation order with Kathryn’s!

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